Welcome to TesterNet 2009

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Welcome to an easy way to administer your network



TesterNet is an application, that helps the system administrator monitor servers in a LAN, WAN even Internet.





TesterNet network monitor, TCP monitor and Web server monitor can verify that your servers are alive and working well. You can monitor URLs, ping any server or establish TCP connections with them. If your server cannot be reached after a number of times, TesterNet will notify you by a message popup or by e-mail. You can review the history of network events in the event list.

TesterNet has a number of utilities, you can scan for open ports in your network, view the active connections, check DNS records, sync with a time server, make a traceroute and view whois information.


The topics in this section provide some basic information about TesterNet 2009, what it is for, what can you do with it and how can you buy a copy.



How to get started


       Arrow_r Study The User Interface sections for an introduction to the application.


       Arrow_r Then work through the Quick Start Tutorial to familiarize yourself with using TesterNet 2009.


       Arrow_r Finally, study how can you create diagrams and how can you use the network utilities.








How to buy TesterNet 2009?